PX Inline Meters

PX Inline Meters

Single and Three-Phase Inline Power Metering

The PX-3000 Series of Inline Power Meters simplifies monitoring of power usage and environmental conditions in the data center while allowing you to track the power on dedicated circuits. There is no need to remove or re-cable IT equipment. Just wire the inline meter into existing circuits and get real-time remote power monitoring, including current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW) and energy consumption (kWh) to +/– 1% accuracy.  Plus they are plug-and-play ready with SmartSensors, making it incredibly easy to install and deploy quickly without disrupting operations.


Web-Based Power Monitoring

Real-time remote circuit-level/line-level power monitoring of current (amps), voltage, power (kVA, kW), power factor and energy consumption (kWh) with ISO/IEC +/- 1% billing-grade accuracy.

Several Configuration Options

The PX-3000 series is available in 1U and 0U form factors with AC terminals, IEC C20/C19, Clipsal, and NEMA plugs & receptacles. Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 circuit models, 100V Single to 415V three phase.

Optimize Your Environment

Support for plug-and-play environmental sensors that allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, and other environmental conditions.

DCIM Monitoring Software

Integrates with Power IQ DCIM Monitoring Software to provide custom dashboards that allow you to see real-time power loads, trends, and capacity forecasts.

Additional Features

Accurate Metering

Monitor power on single and three phase lines coming into each rack, make informed capacity planning decisions, and efficiently utilize power resources with 1% billing grade accuracy.

Advanced Alerts

Users can define thresholds and receive alerts via SNMP, email, and syslog when thresholds are crossed for both power and environmental events.

Secure and Encrypted

Directory services support providing advanced authorization options, including permissions, LDAP/S, RADIUS and Active Directory®. 256-bit AES encryption and strong passwords keep you safe.

Intelligent Controller

Built-in connectivity for environment sensors, serial, KVM, USB, wired or wireless network, and asset management tagging makes this the smartest inline meter available today.

LED Display and Alarms

See power consumption at the rack and get alarms for unbalanced loads based on user-adjustable thresholds. Load balance lines and circuits and increase efficiency.

Sampling and Buffering

End users can choose the frequency at which they monitor power and the amount of data they gather to fine tuning power visibility.

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