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CommandCenter Secure Gateway

Support Notes

Important note for CC-SG virtual appliance upgrades to Release 9.0:
Customers upgrading to Release 9.0 with CC-SG virtual appliances upgraded from previous releases (5.x or 6.x), may have two hard drives as a result of these prior upgrades. Before upgrading to 9.0, the original (older) hard drive (disk 1) must be removed.

For further details, please review the information here and contact Raritan Technical Support for additional information.

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CommandCenter Secure Gateway Version 9.0

Visio Stencils
Download CommandCenter Secure Gateway E1 Visio Stencils
Download CommandCenter Secure Gateway v1 Visio Stencils

Version 5.1.0

You must own a CC-SG V1, E1 or CC-SG Virtual Appliance in order to be able to upgrade to this release.

I do not know which CC-SG hardware model I own: Which model do I own?

For CC-SG V1 and CC-SG E1 only: Please read the 5.1.0 release notes before proceding to ensure that your are running a version that can be upgraded to this release. If you are running firmware older than, you must FIRST UPGRADE to a newer version (see "Upgrade Path" in the release notes).

It is strongly recommended that you review the Release Notes before upgrading.

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